Tom's Tools Web Site

Welcome to I began programming in 1974 and over the years I've put useful tools on this website to help me do things better and faster. I hope they help you too.

There are three main categories are

  • General Tools. These are various tools to help you do different things like generate an .htaccess file or to calculate the dimensions when resizing an image.
  • Text Tools. These tools are primarily for working with text, including password generators, a list de-duplicator and more.
  • Trading Tools. These are primarily for option trading. I trade options for the bulk of my income and I run a free community web site dedicated to option trading at
  • Infusionsoft. This is coming. I have some scripts I wrote in php to make my integrations with Infusionsoft easier and I'll be posting those here.

I do have a few affilate links to some external sites to help keep the website running. If you purchase something that I referred you to via one of these links, I'll get a commission which helps to pay to keep the web site running.

Enjoy the web site!

Tom Nunamaker

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