by Tom Nunamaker

Many functions that are part of more traditional programming languages are not included as part of the Cold Fusion language. The functions I've wrapped together in this DLL are mostly trigometric functions; however, some standard math functions are also included. Trig functions use RADIANS and NOT DEGREES. If you need to convert back and forth, RadtoDeg and DegToRad are included but the formula is pretty easy to code yourself.

NOTE: I do NO error checking in this release. I simply pass your variables to the native DELPHI functions. It is YOUR responsibily to make sure the values are in a valid range for the particular function.


<CFX_FUNCTIONS Function="Value" [, FunctionSecondPart="value" ]>

Returned values are stored in a variable called "results".

Please send me comments, suggestions, requests for more functions, etc. to [email protected]
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